HEARING GOD- Affectionately Speaking


“I’m telling you this so you’ll know that it’s Me speaking, and believe Me when I speak in the future” said a voice deep within me during a brisk morning run.  A voice? Not so much, more like random thoughts and images that came out of nowhere.  It was nothing too weird though.  The encounter left butterflies of anticipation fluttering around in my stomach to say the least.   Life for me until that day was like the dreary winter run I was on.  Dismal, drab and death were the colors of the season I had been surviving for years.  Most things laid dormant and comatose, hopeless that the warmth of the sun would ever bring life again.  But that day, my path dramatically changed.  It burst with glistening beams of hope.  The sun had reached me again and life began to stir.

The things that I had just heard from whom I presumed to be God were very bizarre.  Bizarre only in the sense of why He was telling me but it was nothing grand.  In less than a minute, I had an image of a woman flash through my mind and instant knowledge about a man I had never met.  My initial response was that I had made it all up.  I finished my run, came home and went to the most trusted source I knew…Google.  What I found blew me away.  Every detail downloaded into my brain from the earlier encounter, even down to the very image of the woman’s face was exactly what I was staring at on the internet.  The image of the man’s deceased wife, her name, where they were from and a few more details were the undeniable proof that I had just heard from God.  But why?  And why those details?


We are His sheep

I couldn’t wrap my brain around why the infinite God of the Universe would tell me something like that unless I was to do some great and mighty feat.  (Side note:  He actually told me why He was telling me these things, but I didn’t key in on it (i.e. the first sentence of the blog.)) And because I had very little experience in hearing Him like this, you can only imagine the mistakes I made in the beginning.  Let’s just say that the next few years would hold some of my most embarrassing moments.  But in all honesty, I was only trying to do the best I could with what I knew.  What God was saying and what I thought God was saying were sometimes two very different things.  I’m not one of those people who need to be primed.  I’m always ready to run full speed ahead.  I am like Peter who jumped out of the boat to walk on water when Jesus called. Except when He called, I did a triple-axle-front-pike-toe-touch jump, hit my head on the boat and sank to the bottom of a deep dark depression because I missed God.  But actually, I didn’t miss God, I just misunderstood Him.  It’s taken me years to really get to know Him and how he operates.  That’s why I want to share this blog with you.   I hope to somehow  spare you from making the same mistakes I made.  I want to teach you everything I have learned about hearing Him.

Do you want to know the secret of why God speaks to us; why He spoke to me that day?  Get your pens out to write this one down!  The reason God speaks to us is…to build an intimate relationship with us!  In the beginning God walked and talked with Adam and Eve.  But sin separated that fellowship.  We could not be reunited to God again until Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.  Because of that sacrifice, His Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer to comfort, to guide, to convict, to disclose, and TO SPEAK! 

So in light of God wanting to have an affectionate relationship with you, are you ready to get to know Him on a more intimate level?  Are you ready to delve into the deeper things of God and carry on rich conversations with Him?  He can’t wait to talk to you!

He is our Shepherd

He is our Shepherd

SCRIPTURE:     My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.  John 10:27



Now here’s the best part!  Spend the next 20 to 30 minutes  talking to God.   I’ve included an audio track to help get your conversation started.  Play the track and continue in prayer after it’s finished. Remember to write down today’s scripture and anything you feel God is speaking in your journal.



Over the next week, study the following passages and continue to have your daily Koffee with the King. Continue to ask Him questions to get to know Him better.  It may feel strange at first, but we don’t think twice about asking our friends these questions.   We should want to know everything there is to know about Him!

Day 2:   Read and meditate on John 10:14-16

Day 3:  Read and mediate on John 10:25-27

Day 4:  Read and mediate on John 14:16-18

Day 5:  Read and mediate on John 14:25-27

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