Instructions on How To Use This Blog


Here are some suggestions for using the Blog:


  1.  Meet with God first thing in the morning.  I find that if you start your day with God, it’s much easier to stay on track.  Give Him the first fruits of your day.

2.  Find a quiet place.  A place with few distractions.  Somewhere cozy that you’ll  look forward to going to morning after morning.

3.  Bring your journal.  I recommend keeping a separate journal for these special times with God.  Especially in the beginning, so that you can refer back to them quickly.

4.  Start with the HEARING GOD Blogs First.  If you’re starting in the middle of the year, start with the first several blogs titled HEARING GOD  and then jump to the current blog.  The first several sessions build the foundation for this devotional blog.  I really want you to get a solid understanding of the biblical principals on hearing God before moving forward.

5. Watch the video.

cozy coffee nook

Find a cozy spot that’s inviting and warm.

6.  Read the Blog. 

7.  Meditate on the daily scripture.  Write the daily scripture in your journal.  Ponder them for a bit.

8.  Have your time with God.  Spend 20-30 minutes in His presence.  Play the instrumental tracks to get you started talking.  Write down anything He says.

9.  Further Study & Prayer.  Continue the study on your own for the next week.  I’ve given further suggested scriptures to meditate on. Continue having daily prayer times.

10.  Share the Good News.  I’d love to hear how this blog is helping you.  So feel free to comment on the blogs.  If you know someone that this blog would help, share it with them.

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