Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,  who does not change like shifting shadows.    James 1:17


There is a constant in every bad thing that happens in life…the question of “Where was God” is embedded into our memories and attached to each painful incident.  We need no proof that evil exists for it is all around us.  Some of us have been in the clutch of its wicked claw more times than we can count.  We read scriptures like “every good and perfect gift is from above”  but let’s be honest, we question the goodness of God. Especially when tragedy hits home more often than not. So where is He?  Where is He when a child is being beaten, starved, locked up in a closet and their innocence ripped away?  Where is He when a mother is abandoned to raise little ones on her own?  Where is He when we lose everything we hold dear?  During the most unimaginable pain one human can inflict upon another, where is the Father of Lights then?

where was godI stared straight into the face of the answer to that daunting question a few years back.  I traveled to a freedom ministry conference that’s sole purpose is to address that very question: where was God. We filled the church house and brought every ounce of unresolved baggage we owned.  It wasn’t long before we were ushered into the rich presence of God and told to start unpacking.  It was life-changing! Do you know those deep ugly cries?  The kind of cry where your face draws inward, your mouth drops down into a big ugly square and the sound that comes out of your body exposes the depth of the grief you’ve burdened? Yea, that was me… uncontrollable-lots-of-snot-and-I-can’t-find-a-tissue-so-I’ll-use-my-sleeve kind of cry.  But hey, I got my answer.

So where was He? Well, He was right there with me!  My mind flashed back through every traumatic event in my life and I saw God there beside me, weeping.  Not weeping because He was weak and powerless, but weeping because He allowed Himself to experience the fullness of my grief. “Well, why didn’t He stop it?” you may be asking and that’s a great question!  To answer that we need to go back to the beginning of creation.  When God made the world, He made it perfect.  But love requires a choice.  God did not make mindless drones.  He birthed us with the ability to choose.  We have a will of our own and it’s free to choose good or choose evil.  Why is there so much evil in the world today?  Because for thousands of generations people have chosen evil.  Without God, people are selfish, wicked, jealous, greedy, unfaithful, and cruel to say the least.  They are out to please themselves.  It’s not God’s fault that people choose evil. People hurt people, and God hurts when His people hurt.  There will be judgment for them in God’s timing, but that doesn’t always bring me consolation.

But something else I learned does.  I learned that God could completely heal all of my brokenness.  He did in fact come for the brokenhearted, you know?  I’m going to say that again…God healed all of my brokenness and He can completely heal you too!  Also, He can undo the damage that was done. He can take your brokenness and make it into something beautiful like He’s done for me.  You see, when you are free from the bondage of the damage that’s been done to you, you are free to live in peace and help others find freedom too.  The pain doesn’t have the strength to hold onto you anymore in the light of His goodness.  You can be filled with His joy.  Healing is yours!  Freedom is yours!  Peace is yours! But you have to choose to take it and walk in it.  Are you ready for freedom? Are you ready to stop living your life as a victim and walk in the abundant life of freedom you were made for?


YOUR KOFFEE WITH THE KING:  God wants to deliver you from the curse of bondage of past hurts.  Unpack every suitcase you’ve been carrying around with you.  Unpack it and let Him address all of those wounds.  Let Him tell you where He was when those things happened to you.  Let Him heal every broken area of your heart today!  Let Him exchange your ashes for His beauty.  I really want to see you set free!  I want you to use this time and REALLY connect with God.  Ask Him the tough question of “Where were you?”.  Listen to His answer.  Listen to His heart.  Receive His healing today!  Don’t let the enemy steal anything else from you.  Your healing awaits!  Play the track below to get your prayer started.


FURTHER STUDY:   Let these scriptures be your anthem this week!  Celebrate the reason Christ came.  Read it, believe it, breathe it, speak it and live it!  Freedom and healing belong to you now!

Day 2:   Read  Psalm 34:18Psalm 147:3

Day 3:   Read Isaiah 61:1-3

Day 4:   Read Psalm 129:4John 8:36

Day 5:   Read  Revelation 21:4

4 thoughts on “WHERE WAS GOD?

  1. lara

    This is beautiful. Exactly the same answer I gave to this question 2 days ago. Just a confirmation for me. The important thing is to receive God’s healing grace.

  2. Helen

    This is something that I have to share with others as this is such an inspiring reminder of God’s love for us through our life journey with Him.

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