About Melonie


7Melonie is a wife and mother with a huge passion to see women connect with God on a deep and intimate level.  She created Koffee with the King Blog to teach women how to hear the voice of God.  Three things you should know about her:

  • God is the center of her universe.
  • She transparently shares her own personal life experiences with the hope of helping other women overcome their struggles.
  • She desires nothing more than to see women have daily, deep, rich, life-changing conversations with God.

She is currently the Women’s Director of Covenant Life Church in Tyler, Texas and serves on the Ladies Council at New Covenant Church in Longview.

3 thoughts on “About Melonie

  1. Treva Wilcox

    Melonie, THIS is your calling! For months, those of us on the Ladies’ Council watched you struggle with your consuming passion and such a yearning desire to find that perfect place of service to your King. Yes, your books may someday be read by thousands. But, for the time being, THIS is exactly where God wants to use you. You have found your niche. God is using your unique gifts and abilities to encourage and uplift women with a crystal clear message of His love and spiritually insightful words. May God richly bless you!! We are so proud of you, too.

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